Jockey’s ?…

What is a REELjockey…

We are a bias free, grass roots effort to provide ‘REEL’ movie reviews for ordinary people. We think critics are persuaded and influenced by studios and don’t indulge in the real nitty gritty of the motion picture they are reviewing.

Although our reviews may be short, sarcastic, to the point, full of feeling or just plain crappy, we think our 20 years of movie watching experience can add value to your cinematic choices.

As we continue to add more movies to the site, we increase our knowledge of crappy acting, bogus scenery, horrible story telling and destruction of story.

We tell it like it is…..

In reality, the jockeys only validated success rate is based on the distinct possibility that somewhere, someday in this universe or our parallel one, someone that they do not know will say ‘I read about it on Reeljockeys’

GodSpeed to them.

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