Below are the bottom 10 rated films as reviewed by Scarpacci and the Doctor.

Other titles that are being considered are: Low Fruit, Squat Spot, Night Crawlers, Residue, Scum-teria, Carp Food, Underbelly, Dog Doo, Discardoo, Sole Gum, Landfill Johnny, Dead Horse Beaters, Dig Me a Deep One, Latrene Queen, Jock Bottom, Seed of Borat, Zero Baiters, Skunk Whisperers, Mulch Queens, Onion Patch, Big Screen Briquettes, Jock bricks, Cement Shoes, Just Rotten, Garbage Row, Reel Critters, Road Kill, Bad Batch, Cull Pile, Bad Snacks, Feed Bag Sludge, Fully Spoiled, Cineplex Dumpster, Hollywood’nt, Hoof Beaters, Glue Pot…you get the point.

Use this list wisely, my young Jedi Apprentice and Remember if you think these films deserve better, then submit a Guest Review!

Scarpacci's Glue Factory Candidates

WORST MOVIE SEEN...  Rated [15/100]  

Blazing Saddles

The rest of Scarpacci's Hoof Beaters...

1   Blue Velvet  ...[20/100]
2   The Big Wedding  ...[20/100]
3   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock  ...[20/100]
4   Murder at 1600  ...[20/100]
5   The Innkeepers  ...[20/100]

The Doctor's Crapper Flappers

WORST MOVIE SEEN...  Rated [15/100]  

A Most Wanted Man

The rest of the Doctor's toilet brush refills...

1   Murder at 1600  ...[20/100]
2   World War Z  ...[20/100]
3   Big Game  ...[26/100]
4   Aliens in the Attic  ...[28/100]
5   Snow Buddies  ...[32/100]

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