Rating Calculations

We rate our movies on a scale of 1-100 on a 2 tier scale and then a secret algorithm, possibly modeled after the secret Google search algorithm, coverts that score to a rating between 1 and 5.

Tier 1 is a raw score of 10,20,30…100 for the overall movie experience.

Tier 2 is a bonus score of 2 points for any of these 5 categories.

The Directing : A bonus for the film Directing. Did the Director drive us through scenes with angles and lighting or did the camera sit on a table and bore us.

The Story : This bonus is given for two main topics; believability and worthiness. Even if it is based in the future or the deep past, is the movie story believable?

The Explosions : This one is easy.  Any movie based in any time era can have explosions. If the director had enough experience and know how to use explosions and fit them into the story ‘somehow’  then he should be awarded 2 points.

The Acting: Are the actors portraying their roles properly? Do I believe Brad Pitt is an Inglourious Basterd? Or do I know it’s Brad Pitt that I am watching.  In this case, I thought Brad was the redneck Nazi hater and I awarded 2 points.

The Scenery : If the director uses the scenery as another actor then 2 points are awarded. I thought the director in Inglourious Basterds used great skill in and around the theatre in France and the woodlands where the Basterds were finding and torturing the Nazis.  Additionally, nothing seemed like a sound stage and that is a bonus for sure.

Rating Recommendations

As movie reviewers, we have the responsibility of recommending what we feel the movie goer should do regarding the movie.  We provide several ‘indicators’ that help our viewers in their decision making process.

A 5 star scaled rating that the majority of Movie Review sites have adapted.. .

Additionally, we provide a quick icon based indicator to provide quick decision making.

Our overall score is 75 or greater and we RECOMMEND this movie.
Our overall score is between 41 and 74 we think it is worth seeing and offer our review to aid in your decision.
Our overall score is below 41 and we DO NOT RECOMMEND this movie.

Note that, like the SITH, there are always 2 points of view that don’t necessarily match up.