At the height of the Cold War, only a master spy could be trusted to expose one of their own....

IMG-Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
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2 April 2012

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So, unfortunately this is one of those movies that I have to see again to get the jist. I was able to follow along after I figured out that there were several flashbacks occuring that were trying to help you understand past events. And once the spy was revealed, it kindof came together.
If you go see this movie, you'll be impressed with scene composition and artistic lighting. It's fantastic. But, you won't figure out what's going on, because the director limited each scene to a half of it's normal length. Try this...start a sentence and omit the predicate. Do that for 90 minutes. Figure that out. Tinker might be a cool story, because some really great actors signed on. But I'm still working on who and what. If you like Gary Oldman (and I usually do), his performance might fool you. For me, though, Gary is just a pint of skim milk in this role...subdued, like Cary Grant on Ritalin. Go for the art.

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