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23 March 2012

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Go see Shawshank. This movie pulls you into it's emotional soup. There's an talent pool of great performers nailing great performances, and I'll credit great casting. You'll really like the populist leaning, and lots of other movie goers liked the compelling story in the theater I attended. Don't let any review lure you into absorbing the story content. It's better when you get hit between the eyes directly from the big screen. The truth is that I've watched The Shawshank Redemption about a dozen times, because there's more than just a story. The cons act somewhat like a family, making the most of their incarceration predicament. I ate up the depiction of personalities who accepted reality in prison and lived their little lives to the fullest. My bumper sticker? 38 special in the mouth of authority.

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Guest Review from Steph

Shawshank Redemption is about an unlucky guy Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. He is innocent but the circumstantial evidence sways the jury and he is sentenced to life in prison. While in prison for 19 years he makes friends with a guy named Red(Morgan Freeman) who is in prison for murdering someone when he was very young. Andy is a smart man who knows a lot about money, books, music. He does not settle well into prison but soon catches the attention of the guards and the warden because of his financial savvy. Soon he is the go to guy for tax returns, and the warden's schemes to make and launder money. Andy discovers that being the warden's accountant has its perks. Andy does not make his stay in prison a waste. He helps others and finds ways to make things better for all the inmates by getting funds for a library. He meets another inmate that says he has met the real killer of Andy's wife. Andy pleads with the warden to help win his freedom, but the warden does not want his lucrative money laundering to stop so he manipulates Andy into continuing the schemes. Andy decides that he will make an escape out of the prison through a hole he has been carving out for 19 years. He escapes and cashes in on the money that he has hidden in a fake name for the warden. He sends info to the press so the warden will be arrested along with the guards who were a part of the schemes. The warden commits suicide when he realizes that the jig is up. Andy escapes to Mexico to start a new life. His friend Red joins him there when he finally gets out of prison. I really enjoyed the movie and the actors were perfect for the roles. I have seen it multiple times and I would recommend it to anyone.

Guest Review from Stir Gwaidy

A heckuva good standalone film. If your soap opera inquisitiveness tempts you to wonder if there's a sequel (or a daytime series) that could potentially get released from solitary, don't bother. As great as it is, Shawshank is a closed book, alpha and omega. But there is a potential story that could buck Shawshank's tale of evil authority figures. It would be about kindness and duty. It could actually be about redemption this time.

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  1. Anonymouth says:

    Well, now I know the ending. Can I have some butter corn, too?

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