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27 March 2012

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During the previews of this movie and the little research I did on it, I was really interested in how the statistical stuff played into it.   I was snatched up by the thrill of the calculation and statistical magic that I thought would happen. I was wrong. I was bored. Now I am always hip for a true story,  but the only formula here was 'who gets on base more, this guy or that guy'. There was nothing to keep my interest.  It was just OK. It was just, so-so, it was just a good story, but not a great one. I really couldn't wait to get to bed.
I'd call this a baseball documentary. Sure, the milestone in the game is important, and Bean started a revolution, but it's just history. I've discovered that Brad Pitt adds an element to all his movies that's hard to define, but it's worth watching. Maybe the real star of this film is Pete, the Yale grad. Maybe, the real message here is "nothing ventured, nothing gained", or maybe it's the attraction of family to a man's heart. I really liked Hoffman and all the scout characters. Excellent acting may be a sufficient reason for me to give this movie a "thumbs up". I suggest you go rent the Red Box economy DVD.

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Guest Review from Demon Dan

The movie's message is a little schizophrenic. There are times Pitt's Billy Bean is romantic about baseball, almost like Field Of Dreams. The team goes on a mystical winning streak. These scenes almost seem to be inserted to make Billy more human. That's probably because during the rest of the movie he's a little self centered and cold blooded. He's trying to make up for mistakes he's made and get revenge on the big market teams that buy talent he found out from under him. He wants to show them up by winning 'the last game of the season' and makes hard decisions based on his statistical methods and wheeling and dealing players like poker chips. Not very romantic. After the baseball is done, they try to soften him up again by showing how he turns down huge money from the Red Sox to stay in Oakland to be near his daughter. Not very well written but individual scenes were well acted.

3 Responses to “Moneyball”

  1. K-sink says:

    I liked the old way…when ball players would play their hearts out for a steak and a beer.

  2. Anonymouth says:

    Don’t these reviewers like women? Women go for America’s game, too.

  3. Stingless her says:

    Baseball is a passion for a few, but money isn’t a legit passion for players who just want to play.

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