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6 October 2008

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City of Ember was a great premise.  After am 'event' that takes out the world, there are several scenarios that could happen.  This movie discusses one of those story lines.  When small communities of people are brought together and isolated, there needs to be law and order, but the way it is setup and the corruption that ultimately will infest it are a thrilling plot. Not that this movie was thrilling, and the ending was a let down to me, but it's worth it to look at one of the ways people might survive.  Awesome sets and filmography as well.
Is this a propaganda movie? Did Tim Robbins take Prozac the day he went to the set? Didn't anyone see the hole in the ground a mile above the city? Is Bill Murray's character supposed to be like the mythical mayor of Madison Wisconsin? How could the three kids take a boat downstream and end up a mile higher in altitude? Didn't anyone have any soap? How did the Earth survive so nicely 200 years after a big disaster? Was it Nature? How many canned peaches last 20 decades? What kind of fuel provided energy for the "generator"? Was it Flash Gordon's rocket engine? The greenhouse lady seems to be really cool. Really really cool. Way too cool. Come on!
If you go see this movie, see it because Martin Landau is a great actor, and it's about time for him to be cast as a hero. If you don't go see it, feel lucky. Go rent Dr Zhivago. Ember is a 4. Where's my movie brain? Where can I buy a sense of humor?

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