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30 April 2008

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Waiting for a Doctor Review

Al Pacino. This is his forensic psychiatrist role. Al turns this complicated B movie into a showcase for confidence. How does a short little guy with a ruffled hair and gruff self-assurance navigate through this maze? Well, he has a lock on how infatuation and charisma work. He’s been there. If you’ve been there, you know. This story line is predictable, but it’s so complicated, you can’t guess what’s next. But, you’ll know "next" won’t be far away. “In 88 minutes, you’ll die”. Al didn’t let the stop watch mess up his concentration…or his confidence. The bad guy is bad. Al knows. There are actresses portraying some really cool women. Al knows this, too.

Infatuation. Watch it rise to the top and then skim it off into a safe place.

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  1. Wood says:

    Scarpacci can nail jello to a tree. There’s only one other guy who can do this.

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